Strongs Poulton Soft Fruit products
1 Pack of Fresh Strawberries

Fresh flavoursome punnet of Dutch Strawberries

Price £6.50 each
1 pack Strawberries 225g

1 pack of strawberries

Price £3.50 each
Pack of Blackberries

Pack of Dutch Blackberries

Price £3.99 each
Punnet seedless Red Grapes

Tasty Brazilian seedless Red Grapes Pummet

Price £2.99 each
Punnet of seedless Green Grapes

Pummet of tasty and fresh Brazilian seedless green grapes

Price £2.99 each
Seedless Red Grapes

Tasty and fresh seedless Brazilian Red Grapes

Minimum order:500g

Price £6.95 per kg
Seedless Green Grapes

Tasty and fresh Brazilian seedless Green Grapes

Minimum order:500g

Price £6.95 per kg